What I have to Offer:

  • 16 years software engineering experience, 3 personal and 8 commercial or Enterprise iOS apps.
  • Combination of attention to technical and design/UX details. I know my Human Interface Guidelines and accessibility standards as well as I know my Swift and code architecture.
  • High standards for user experience and performance, with the technical skill set to meet them.
  • Emphasis on writing reusable, legible code.
  • Passion, initiative, independence, ability to innovate.
  • Everything I make follows my No Fluff Design Method.

What I am looking for:

  • A project that is meaningful and needs a rich user experience
  • Ability to innovate and make decisions while remaining a developer
  • DC Metro accessible location or telecommuting position
  • Culture that cultivates personal development with programs such as onsite hackathons or meetups
  • Education Technology projects preferred
  • Opportunity to combine iOS development with a compatible field such as Android development, design, or web development preferred


SylvanSync (iPad)

This iPad app is my proudest accomplishment. SylvanSync replaced paper and pencil based instruction with iPad based learning for thousands of students in hundreds of Sylvan learning centers nationwide.

As the sole iPad designer and developer, I was present for the entire application lifecycle - interviewing teachers, drafting a proof of concept, designing a web service architecture, conducting usability tests, launching, and updating.

Technical challenges solved included creating a high performance client/server architecture, developing natural-looking handwriting and annotation tools, seamlessly integrating native capabilities into HTML based lesson contents, and inventing a scrolling mechanism that seamlessly supports left-handed users.



The Great Courses Plus (Apple TV)

I developed all features for the Apple TV version of Great Courses Plus, the Netflix of high-quality University lectures. By shipping this app with no known bugs or issues and a high degree of polish, I gained in-depth understanding of the Apple TV ecosystem and its notoriously tricky focus engine.


Blackboard (iPhone)

I was a key developer in developing Blackboard mobile apps used by millions of college students daily to manage their course contents.

I developed core functionality to download and view over twenty different document and media types, built a rich library of reusable custom UI controls to define the look and feel across all iOS products, created an animation system for unique liquid-like animations and transitions, and more.

Maintained bug-free status for all personal work delivered and won a hackathon by prototyping an innovative client-server architecture.

Blackboard app screenshot Blackboard app screenshot


MapTastic (iPad)

MapTastic is an iPad game that teaches US Geography in a fun and competitive way. Race against the clock to find all US states, capitals, and/or major cities before time runs out. Then demonstrate mastery by improving your speed and competing against the whole world on Game Center.

MapTastic app screenshot MapTastic app screenshot


ZipTunes (iPhone)

ZipTunes is an alternative to the iPod mp3 player app on iOS. ZipTunes is made for power users, with many advanced features and a one of a kind user interface and user experience.

ZipTunes app screenshot ZipTunes app screenshot


Other Highlights

custom animation demo

I explored animation curves in depth while developing an iOS custom animation utility. See the full project on Github

animated sliding tiles

I made this Android sliding tiles demo to master the basics of Android layout, animation, and user interaction. See the full project on Github

Jigsaw puzzle prototype screenshot

I created this jigsaw puzzle game prototype within a month as a research assignment

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune screenshot

I made water splash effects and bug fixes for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on the PS3